My Garden


My mixed leaf herb bed, great to add into salads to create extra flavor.




lavender, great smell, great to infuse into sauces and deserts.

Also keeps moths, fleas, flies and mosquitoes away.



Bayleaf, great to infuse into stocks, soups and sauces. Also great to add into curry.

The scent from this also keeps fly’s away.



Mixed leaf bed. Beats buying from the supermarket.




Raspberries. I let my 5 year old son take these and eat them when he wants (which is more and more often which is great), promotes healthy eating.
Any excess i turn into jam, i love me some jam.



My Fuji apple tree. lovely crisp apples.
Its a cross of Red Delicious and Ralls Janet developed in Japan. I chose these apples mainly because i wanted fresh apples for my son to go into the garden, pick and eat. But this variety produces a heavy crop every year, taste amazing, keep well and i can make cider from them, WIN!



Pak Choi. This was an easy one to grow. Treat like spinach, when young, it can be eaten raw, but, is best when flash cooked.