About me

My name is Jake and I live in the UK. I have been a chef since I was 15 years old and have worked in many different styles of kitchens and held every position from commis chef to head chef. I have done everything from functions and weddings, to fine dining and gastro pub grub. I have met a lot of great chefs and have gained a lot of experience within the trade. As a chef I have learnt many skills including butchery, fishmongery, baking, sauce making, pastry and desserts. How to make sausages, bread, pickles, preservatives and oils from scratch. Then the skills and knowledge on how to prep and cook to a high standard. All of which I will be showcasing in pictures on my social media accounts and using in my business when I go live.




My Goal

For several years now I’ve wanted to be my own boss. The way I wanted to do that was with a food truck. My next big goal in life is to run my own business. I will be using all homemade ingredients and local suppliers to the area I am based at the time, introducing new items on the menu each day using them ingredients. I want to push for classic food truck food with a homemade twist, but also good affordable, hand held, tasty food thats not your classics. Example, one item I have tried and tested will be a pressed ciabatta toasted sandwich, with hickory smoked bbq beef brisket, homemade dill pickles, mustard mayo and baby gem lettuce.